The Maldives are packed with things to do, such as taking excursions which our friendly staff can organize and can help you set up picnics on the beach or that special late-night BBQ. There are deep-sea diving trips, PADI dive courses, island-hopping tours and of course, fishing. Swimming, snorkeling and sun-bathing are also popular and thanks to the 24-hour safety deposit boxes you can be assured your belongings are safe while you’re visiting the underwater world.

We can organize catamaran boat rides, dolphin and whale-watching tours, as well as make your stay in the Maldives perfectly comfortable. If you want to have a romantic meal on the beach under the stars at night, we can arrange tables and chairs, and of course food and drink for you to have a night to remember.


Although the Maldives are known the world over for the stunning beaches and azure waters that typify the tropical idyll, its life beneath the water’s surface is becoming ever more respected by divers in the know. The Maldive Islands have some excellent coral reefs, but it’s the abundance of fish life throughout the country that sets it apart from other dive destinations.

Most diving in the Maldives is drift dives from live boards where you allow the current to move you along. Due to the myriad channels and passages between the atolls, the currents sweep and play throughout the island chain so that nutrients are always on the move. This account for the vast numbers of fish enjoying the passing feast and you can expect to see Napoleon wrasse,   parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, jacks and sweetlips in every site where the water flows.

In the Maldive channels, you can explore the caves, caverns and overhangs where soft corals proliferate, and there is a riot of colourful sponges, invertebrates and gorgonian fans all profiting from the nutrient-rich water. There are also plenty of cleaning stations where cleaning wrasses and shrimps service the larger marine species.

Inside the atoll lagoons of the Maldives you often find pinnacles of rock vaulting up almost to the surface. They are known locally as ‘Thilas’ and are often bejewelled with sessile life forms. These formations bring water up from the ocean floor against their walls, feeding the sponges and soft corals that cling to its sides as well as creating an environment that supports a plethora of crustaceans and schools of resident fish.

Slightly removed from the reefs, you are likely to spot the pelagics that frequent the Maldives, including manta rays and eagle rays and a variety of sharks including the mighty whale sharks. Wherever you look there is likely to be something of interest going on and for many it is in the shallows where the best of the action takes place. Here the clear water, brightly illuminated by the sun’s rays and playing host to great numbers of fish, provides an ideal environment both for photographers and divers alike.